Twin Tech Motorcycles and WPYX 106 Present Chopper-Que Twin-Tech WPYX 106
The Evolution of Chopper-Que
High Bid on Chopper-Que as of June 13th, 2007 - $10,000.00
Salisbury Chevrolet
Total money raised - $20,800
Beef Eater Grill along with a year supply of propane and propane tank
A Grill.
Chopper-Que Components (donated)
Nintendo Wii System Surround Sound
Stainless Fridge 20” LG Flat Screen Television
American Flag Guitar Amp
Deep Fryer Custom Name Plaque
Kegerator Commercial Blender
HD Radio with mp3, cd and dvd Computer with Wireless Service
Trailer Parts Engine to Pull Chopper-Que
Hover over each item to see who donated it!
Chopper-Que Donations
$500.00 $500.00
$50.00 $100.00
$250.00 food donation Marinade Basket
a custom barbecue Apron a Gift Certificate = to 3 bottles
Crate of hot sauce a gift cert for a patio 200sq foot
DJ For the Event Cooking for the event
Donate and cook a pig for the cook out Weed Wacker
(BRIN-DE- SEE”S) Restaurant on Broadway in Saratoga donated a $100.00 gift cert
A two night stay for 6 at the Bear in the Tree B&B